Payroll Solutions was established to work with our friends in the “business-to-business” marketplace, not against them.  We understand the importance of these types of relationships.  By partnering with Payroll Solutions, you can add value to the current services you already provide.

Accounting Professionals

Payroll Solutions provides an assortment of human capital management services to meet the needs of your clients and your practice.  Whether you want full control of your clients’ payroll activities, participate in our revenue share program or just require a simple referral relationship, Payroll Solutions is the partner for you.

Additionally, we work with accounting firms who have “had enough” of payroll processing and are ready to exit the payroll business.  We can create a smooth transition program for you.


Offering payroll services strengthens client retention and offers another source of fee income for financial institutions.  With Payroll Solutions, you will have a trusted advisor who works with you to help grow your client base while taking care of your current business customers.

Benefits and Insurance Brokers

We partner with several benefits and insurance brokers to help find the best fit for their clients and ours.  Whether you would like to work with us on our integrated insurance and retirement plan reporting platform or have a recommendation for your clients, we are happy to work with you.


Whether you specialize in helping new start-up companies or work with existing organizations to ensure compliance, Payroll Solutions is here to help.

Client Referrals

If you are a current client, please contact us about our Client Referral Awards Program.

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