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WorkforeceHUB is our HRM Suite that includes hiring and applicant tracking, onboarding and HR Management, time tracking and scheduling. Everything you need to manage your workforce more efficiently.


WorkforceHUB Features

Recruiting and Applicant Tracking – Attract top talent. Post job openings, collaboratively screen and track candidates. Hire quality employees in little time and with the lowest effort.

HR Management – Automated workflows for onboarding, performance reviews, benefits enrollment and more. Secure document storage, alerts, surveys, and suggestion box.

Timekeeping – Punch tracking and approvals, job costing, break enforcement, PTO accruals and requests. Physical clock compatible.

Scheduling – Build schedules based on need, skills required, labor law constraints, employee preferences and much more.



HR Management Suite

Faster Applicant Hiring and Onboarding – Quickly access a larger pool of qualified applicants with less effort—move through screening, selection, and onboarding in record time.

Engaged Employees – Simple tools such as alerts, messages, company directory, quick surveys, rewards, and an anonymous suggestion box encourage employees to get involved.

Optimized Punch-to-Pay – The entire process from scheduling to clock-in to payroll and paystub access is optimized to save time and money.

Better, Cheaper Shift Coverage – Shift trading makes it faster and easier to cover open shifts, improve schedule adherence, and ensure proper shift coverage.

Swift Payroll Processing – There is no paper, typing or manual calculations to slow down the payroll processing.

Provable Compliance – A complete audit history can demonstrate compliance with rules and regulations, certification standards, hiring practices, pay requirements and internal processes.


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