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Evolution Payroll

The videos listed below will give you a tour of our Evolution Payroll Web-Based platform.

Basic Employee Entry

In this beginner level video, you will see how to add an employee using the Basic Employee Entry method.


Advanced Employee Entry

In this video, users will see a more detailed method of setting up and maintaining an employee.


Adding Direct Deposits

The proper method to add Direct Deposit bank accounts to an employee.


Payroll Processing

Viewers will see a general overview of Payroll Processing.


Scheduled Payroll  

In this video, you will see the process of submitting a Scheduled Payroll for processing.


Unscheduled Payroll

Viewers will see how to submit a payroll outside of the normal payroll cycle.


Check Lines

This video highlights how to add and update check lines.



This video guides you through the Defined and Published report sections of the application.


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